Nature Festival 2017

Nature Festival Festival della Natura

The Nature Festival 2017 represents a new initiative aimed at territorial enhancement with particular focus on the environment and typical products of a specific area such as the Po Delta. It consists of a series of events that will be held in the most significant places of the municipalities of Codigoro, Mesola and Goro. The initiatives will cover several themes, ranging from birdwatching to cyclotourism, art, history and culture to gastronomy.

Festival della Natura programma



Delta Park is one of the most important wetlands in Europe and the largest in Italy, and welcomes biodiversity elements that make it a paradise for naturalists, biologists, tourists and birdwatchers. It is through birdwatching that it is possible to know the peculiarities of the territory to tourists from all over Europe.
The Delta del Po gives hospitality to varied bird species that find the perfect refuge in this fascinating area. Delta’s fauna is one of the richest in Southern Europe, and has nothing to envy in the renowned European parks. In addition to the tens of thousands of species of Anatidi even more rare, we remember the Limicoli of almost all species, the Ardeids and the Rallidi. We also remember, with a few hundred nesting pairs, the Avocetta and the beautiful Knight of Italy, whose typical settlement is in a small area near the church of Volano and Valle Bertuzzi, as well as Volpoche, Pittima Reale and some sightings of Sandwich Tern. Let us not forget that for some time I have also returned to nest the rare Spatole, after centuries fleeing from Eastern Europe. For this reason, birdwatching activity, or bird watching in their natural habitat, is increasingly appreciated and practiced in recent years. The most seasoned and recommended seasons to carry out this activity are spring and autumn; armed with binoculars, recognition guides and sportswear, Birdwatchers will find the Po Delta a perfect location for their sightings.

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Main events on the theme:

  • Saturday October 21 and Sunday, October 22: ORNITHO DAYS
    • Saturday 21 October at 2 pm: Meeting with the expert
    • Saturday October 21 at 6 pm: Meeting with the author Klaus Malling Olsen
    • Sunday 22 October at 08.00: Pelagic Trip
    • Sunday, October 22 at 2 pm: Excursion in motonave by Gorino Ferrarese
  • Friday, October 27, 10 am: Meeting with the expert
  • Friday, October 27 at 8 pm: The moonlight forest



The Po Delta is the ideal place for cycling, both for the very high number of animal species that can be seen and for the ease of the completely flat paths that wind through the territory: no effort is made to pedal along the canals , the valleys, the coasts, the banks and the secondary roads. Bicycle routes are so numerous that it will not be enough for a week to go all the way. Add the fact that the delta area offers landscapes that do not exist elsewhere in Italy, a concentration of swamps, woods, canals that lead to the sea, small nestled between reeds, brackish ponds, beaches, pinewoods.


Main events on the theme:

  • Sunday, October 22: Sea Woods – From Pomposa to the sea
  • Saturday October 28: Two Wheels in the Heart of the Delta
  • Sunday, October 29: Two wheels in the heart of the Delta
  • Sunday October 29: Gravel Delta Bike
  • Monday, October 30: Two wheels in the heart of the Delta
  • Tuesday October 31: Two Wheels in the Heart of the Delta
  • Wednesday November 1: Two Wheels in the Heart of the Delta



Our territory is not only a naturalistic heritage, but also a gastronomic and cultural heritage. They will go to Goro’s capital of the Vongola, Mesola with its precious Asparagus and its Delta Truffle, Bosco Mesola with the famous Radicchio and Codigoro with Rice, in addition to the vastness of fruit and vegetables.
Earth, sea, lagoons and millennia cultures, Pomposa tells about monks’ recipes that have been passed down through the centuries, still come to our tables today, without forgetting the Sabbia Wine. Here the companies are bringing to the highest levels the quality of this product. underrated years. A wine presentation event with an expert winemaker will foster the culture of this red gold. Thanks to the collaboration of local companies that will open our door to the direct visit to test and personally taste the products, make it a culture of good living through a perfect blend of naturalistic discovery and territorial product. Goro will be presenting the Vongola through the visit of the purification plant accompanied by biological biologists and local fishermen who daily live the sea. The excursion to the bag will then allow you to see the fishing techniques.
In Mesola, company visit C.A.S.A. Mesola with experienced staff, scheduled tasting of seasonal products like Radicchio, explanation of harvesting techniques through the tale
some farmers. At Codigoro, visit the vineyard and wine cellar with tasting and explanation of the characteristics of the wine, will follow tasting of Delta Rice.
During the whole period of the event, there will be local product sales, while restaurants and refreshments will offer themed menu related to this initiative.
Recreational and educational activities aimed especially at children and young people, focused on courses / seminars / meetings aimed at the knowledge of the area and its typologies, to create meaning
membership and future “territorial ambassadors”.

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Main events on the theme:

  • Sunday, October 22 at 13.30: Tasting of Gong’s clam and oyster



Po Delta Park is rich in art, history and culture: from the millennial Abbey of Pomposa, where Guido d’Arezzo has devised modern musical writing based on the seven notes, the Estense Castle of Mesola, one of Este’s summer residences UNESCO World Heritage Site, up to hydraulic architectures such as Torre Abate, Torre della Finanza and Torre Palù.


Main events on the theme:

  • Sunday, October 22 at 11.40: Guided visit to Pomposa Abbey
  • Sunday 22 October at 4 pm: Guided visit to Pomposa Abbey
  • Tuesday, October 24 at 9.30 am: bike ride to Mesola-Massenzatica with a visit to the Romanesque Church and the Fossils Dune and then Pomposa Abbey
  • Wednesday 25th October at 09.30 hrs: guided visit to the Estola Castle of Mesola, then bike ride to Torre Abate, then Pomposa Abbey
  • Sunday, October 29 at 11.40: Guided visit to Pomposa Abbey
  • Sunday 29 October at 4 pm: guided visit to Pomposa Abbey



  • Friday, October 20 at 4 pm: inauguration event of the first edition of the Festival of Nature
  • Wednesday 25 October and Thursday 26 October at 10.00 am: workshops, seminars and games on the fauna, flora and environment of the area in the libraries of the municipalities of Codigoro, Mesola and Goro. Snacks based on loca
  • Monday, October 30, 10 am: UNESCO MaB Day. UNESCO MaB Conference at the Teatro Arena di Codigoro
  • Wednesday, November 1 at 10.00 am: presentation conference of the project “Environmental Museum” at Oasi Bianca.
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