Goro e dintorni Torre-Palu

Palù Tower

Palù Tower in Goro, dates back to the 18th century, was built to ensure the Canal Bianco drained to the sea and to prevent the rise of sea water during the high tide. It is called “Tower” because it has been used for defensive purposes too. The first floor of this building has been used for hydraulic operations, while the second one as a dwelling.

Goro e dintorni Lanterna-Vecchia

Old Lantern

The Old Lantern, built in 1864, was the only lighthouse that lit up the sailors’ way. It was built near the mouth, but the progressive river basins moved it more and more far from the sea and it was no more usable for its initial purpose. Now it has been recovered and it is used as a naturalistic observatory.

Goro e dintorni Faro-di-Goro

Goro Lighthouse

The Goro Lighthouse was built in 1850 to replace the eighteenth-century Old Lantern. It rises on a sandy tongue that has formed recently, called “Scanno” or “Scannone”. It is about 22 metres tall and its light beam is about 10 miles. The Goro Lighthouse can be reach only by boat.

Goro e dintorni Sacca-di-Goro

Sacca of Goro

The Sacca of Goro, that is part of the Po Delta Park, is a wide lagoon extending for about 2000 hectares between the Po di Goro river and the Po di Volano river. It is famous for fish farming, in particular for production of clams, that find in this environment the ideal habitat to grow.

Goro e dintorni Isola-dell'amore

Love Island or Scanno of Goro

The Love Island, also called Scanno or Scannone of Goro, is made by a sandy tongue where dunes are formed, always moving because of winds and  tides. Vegetation is made up of reedbeds, Calicheto and Agropireto.  Fauna, instead, is made up of sea woodcocks,  little terns and sea swallows, that find here an ideal habitat for nesting.

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